Sun sea sand

Sun sea sand

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Devil in good ole Blighty

I'm flying to the UK on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be motivated enough to update my blog as interesting things happen, else the pictures I take will die the same death as the thousands I downloaded to my PC and forgot about.

Can't wait!

UPDATE May 4. Arrived at about 11.25pm last night local time, 5.25am in Malaysia.
Slightly groggy and lightheaded cuz I did not sleep throughout the 13-hour+ flight. Usually can't sleep on planes, trains or buses anyway, and decided to stay up so that I'd be tired on arrival and be able to sleep, thus reducing this jet lag business.
Flight was alright. Pre-booked meals means I got one nasi briyani just after take-off and a nasi lemak about 3 hours before landing, and two small bottles of water. Ended up ordering another bottle of water and a hot milo (it's a looong flight), and as it was dehydrating.
Also bought the entertainment package for another RM30, where you get a portable player with 6 movies, about 8 comedy/drama serials, music and games. Ended up watching four movies - Shopaholic, Bride Wars, Ice Age 2 (umpteenth time) and The Reader (OMG sooooo sad, I bawled my eyes out, and I didn't even cry for Titanic), some two hours of light TV and played some games, though the only thing I liked was Sudoku.
Not bad for RM30, but if you're stuck on the same flight plan in the same month, you might not be too keen to be entertained on the return flight. Titles on the player change every month, so if you're lucky you'd get something interesting. Too bad about the TV series plan, cuz you'll get random episodes of random shows - there was one Season Nine show of CSI, one Fawlty Towers, How I Met Your Mother, The Office (UK) and The Simpsons, among others.

To be continued. Going out to walk around London.

UPDATE May 6. Going to Bristol to visit my cousin Rozi. Just a short note on where I've been staying these past three nights. The flat belongs to my friend Carl, and it's absolutely darling. I especially adore the French door out into the garden only available to the two ground floor flats. Love it love it. Here are the pictures.

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