Sun sea sand

Sun sea sand

Monday, July 14, 2008

There's a Butt Naked Male in My Room

And here he is. The troll with the rainbow coloured hair.

I can't remember when I got it, or who gave it to me, or even whether I bought it myself. Dates me though, doesn't it (I'm that old - LOL)

I'm sure it had a name. Probably Rainbow Troll, knowing unimaginative little me.

Well, it's been in a box these past two years, and somewhere among my belongings the years before that - just part of some stuff which survived the multiple culls in my transient life.

It was a bit manky, so I gave it a bath. I even washed its hair and put in some conditioner. Now it has silky, flowing locks - wait a minute...


The Blueberry said...

Weihhh pempuan gila... Kenapa ko bagi mandi/shampoo troll tu wehhhh... Mysterious betul kau ni tau... Scary pun ada...

Anonymous said...

Hi Little Devil..

Remember me..
You biggie fren from Exeter..

Miss ya..
but as usual bad in keeping in touch..