Sun sea sand

Sun sea sand

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

That Melting Feeling

Help! I'm so in love with an ideal. With a dream. With a celluloid creation of the cutest guy with a sensitive artistic soul and a heart just waiting for love. A good-looking bod doesn't hurt, either.

Help me. I can't keep watching the same CD, playing my favourite bits over and over again. But I can't sleep thinking how hard a heart must pound out of a love thought lost then was re-found.

Young love though it be, love is still the feeling that keeps us going, that makes us stand outside our beloved's house with a look of intense love, which makes us rush to the airport to apologise before he goes, to admit that we were wrong and to confess "I don't want to lose you".

And to experience the most wonderful feeling when we blurt out "Saya sayang bangat sama kamu" to see him take a deep breath and without hesitation reply "Saya juga sayang sama kamu. Sayang sekali."

And then the movie ends and I'm in tears.



Gypsy said...

Bongo! What movie la??

The Little Devil said...

I deliberately left it out. For those who know, my feelings are instantaneously understandable, for those who don't, they'll never get it unless they see the movie.
Your mission, Gypsy, should you choose to accept it, is to acquire - buy beg borrow or steal - a copy of "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" (preferably with subtitles) and watch it. Tissues are advised.

blueberry said...

I have no idea if I'll roll on the floor laughing my eyes out or screaming all the way to the loo if I ever hear some underaged bloke tell me "saya sayang bangat sama kamu"... Heheheeee sorry bangetttt...